Working Together

We Are Partners on the Journey

Welcome to Carrie Graves Psychospiritual Life Coaching and
Creative Monastery

I work with people who are searching for a life of meaning. Together we enter into a journey that allows you to discern life purpose. With the use of tools for transformation such as working with nightly dreams, archetypes, personality types, creativity and more, we work together to create a life where you feel fulfilled, successful, happy, and have the time you need to participate in and follow your vision from a holistic perspective. 

We place that purpose at the center of your work to design the life you want to and are called to live. In my work, all elements of the wheel of life (finances, romance, friendships, career, health, family, fun, and more) radiate outward from a center of purpose. When purpose is unclear or undefined, we suffer from a sense of loss, scarcity, lack of self-esteem and often depression. Entering into a coaching relationship provides the support, accountability and self-guidance you need to create your life.

Effective communication is a non-negotiable, undeniable trait of transformational leadership. Leaders who communicate holistically are also good listeners. They value the input of their teams and employees and are not attached to being autocratic or authoritarian. Leadership applies to creating your own life, the life you were meant to life, as well as to guiding others in your field of work. Communication is an organizing principle of society and institutions. Rhetoric, or the art of persuasion, is a part of everyone’s life whether you are persuading yourself, raising children, making a sales pitch, or building a team. But even the best rhetoric is colored by the lens of the individual through which it is coming. Working with dreams and other tools for transformation teaches listening, opens the eyes to the perceptions of others, and offers significant time for self-reflection and spiritual guidance.

In addition to working with individuals, I lead dream groups, as well as coaching groups centered on specific common goals and themes.

Dreams Groups, Life Coaching, and Individual Dream Work Sessions

Carrie’s passion for her work inspires those around her. Her commitment to exploring emerging platforms and new approaches is a breath of fresh air in a communications industry often crowded by the status quo.

-Jason Merritt, Marketing Director, Forward Movement

Carrie’s faithful heart and inquisitive, discerning brain have well prepared her for the complex challenge of communicating the message of the church in the 21st Century, and for preparing others to share the good news. It is always a please to work with her.
— Dorothy Trotter, Communication Consultant and Christian Educator, Charlotte, NC