True and Unpolished – the podcast

I have the great honor of exploring the spiritual life once a month with friends Mary How and Lydia Singleton on True and Unpolished – the podcast! Be sure to check it out for inspiration and support and to know that you are part of a community!

Makeup or Breakup? True and Unpolished

Ok everyone, pull over. If you are standing, you may want to sit down as you listen to Mary and Lydia discuss whether they should makeup or breakup (cue the ominous soap opera music).  Now is the perfect time to catch-up on any of the episodes you may have missed. or wherever you get your podcasts                                                           — Support this podcast:
  1. Makeup or Breakup?
  2. #67 Ain't No Shame in My Game
  3. #66 I Saw the Sign
  4. #65 You are Exactly My ArcheType
  5. #64 I'm open, I'm open!

When that storm comes…

a sermon preached by Carrie Graves on the Second Sunday of Advent, December 12, 2021, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Baltimore, MD. “You brood of vipers!” Today’s gospel interpreted for a today’s context of confronting systemic racism.