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I am doTerra Wellness Advocate. Meaning “gift of the earth,” doTerra produces Certified Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, which have long been used in healing. Many monasteries throughout the centuries have had cloister gardens where the monastics grew herbs for medicinal and other purposes. I use essential oils as a part of leading a balanced lifestyle, and of caring for myself and my family. Oils can be used for better sleep and therefore better dreaming, as well as to ease allergies, headaches and other issues that prevent good sleep. In addition, high quality essential oils safe to ingest are part of keeping a healthy body. Please see my doTerra store and email me with any questions.

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Here’s are some tips from a doTerra Advocate on improving your sleep (and your dreaming!)

When I first started using oils I admit to being overwhelmed. Even with just 10 oils I was overwhelmed!!! It doesn't have to be that way though. That's why I love breaking them down by issue. • For example, SLEEP. Simply remember that the 3 main oils you should reach for (out of the Top 10) are Lavender, Frankincense, and Breathe. • How you choose to utilize them for sleep is up to you. We all respond differently to oils and it often takes some experimentation to determine the most effective course of action. For example, my husband responds best to internal use of Lavender for sleep and I respond better to aromatic (diffusing). My husband prefers to diffuse Breathe and I prefer to apply it topically to my feet to open up my airways before sleeping. • Which Top 10 oil is your favorite for sleep? • If you've never used oils to help support a restful night's sleep, you're missing out. I'd love to introduce you to the oily world and be there to guide you as you discover the hundreds of uses for your oils. Send me a message or email me if you'd like to hear about my August specials. I have #doterra options that start at $55.

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