Choosing the right scribing style

What kind of research or writing are you doing in your scriptorium? Are you a scientist, a liberal arts researcher, or a social scientist? Dependent upon on what kind of work you do, you’ll want to choose the writing style guide that applies to your field. I hope you enjoy the podcast below on theContinue reading “Choosing the right scribing style”

APA Style Storytelling

In researching several recent topics, I am getting reacquainted with APA Style. I never really learned it thoroughly in the first place. My main course of study in college required the use of MLA Style, designed more for the languages and language arts. Where I once studied languages (French and Russian) in great depth regardingContinue reading “APA Style Storytelling”

External Downloads

As an introvert, I’m a big believer in going within myself to find information and to process those ” internal downloads.” As a curious student, I love to research. Libraries and the Internet are particularly important resources. Google and YouTube – pure instant gratification, whether true or false information is presented. These external downloads are funContinue reading “External Downloads”