Creative monastery in the business world

Are you looking for ways to make your business relevant and effective? Are traditional business models and workplace protocol weighing you and your employees down? I can help. Let’s work together to set goals for your business that express your creativity, give you a competitive edge and build a systems environment. Your company will become integrated in community both inside and outside the office. Your business will be an important part of the “global village” (McLuhan, 1964) (Eisenberg, Goodall, and Trethewey, 2013, p. 98).

In the vein of the work of Peter Senge (1990), you’ll take the time to develop a learning organization that takes a holistic, personal approach to create flexible mental models enabling your team to be innovative through a shared vision (Eisenberg et al. 2013).

There are three keys ways we’ll use creativity for innovation to make your business stand out:

  1. You’ll build a team of brand ambassadors who will integrate the philosophy of your company into greater community, building a web reaching out into your city and in the global village.
  2. You’ll create a vital community within your company that interacts productively and enthusiastically within, as well as outside your environment to create an organized open system (Eisenberg, et al., 2013). Beginning with self-reflection (Eisenberg et al., 2013) and personality studies, you’ll reach a place where information and innovation will flow throughout the interdependent departments of your workplace, community and digital media resources.
  3. You’ll create measurable goals for expanding your business using a life coaching model for attaining them while employing creativity and innovation. You will not get stuck in a box. After all, goals are dreams with deadlines (Hill, 2017) Your process for growth will be organic, flowing in and out of your company’s structure in a relationship of giving and receiving.

According to social psychologist Karl Weick (1979), nothing is as effective as making sense of the uncertainties in the environments that affect your business than organizing through interaction (Eisenberg, et al., 2013). Let’s get started. I’ll work with your team on learning about themselves using the Enneagram personality system (Kale, 2003). Once your team understands how they interact with each other, they’ll take that knowledge to build brand ambassadors, quietly integrating your name into the community. This work will include staying current on best social media practices, engaging the community in conversation (Honeybook, 2017). Finally you’ll learn how to ask questions – in the community and by coaching your team so they can coach each other into building and implementing a creative and effective shared vision that can change the world.


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