Can’t see the mountain for the trees

Today I am posting a link to my final paper presentation for the course Communicating Mindfully. In it, I use the theory of distance in interpersonal relationship as a tool for relational success in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The paper focuses on the conflict between Elizabeth Bennet and Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Lady Catherine can’t see the glorious and beautiful mountain that is Elizabeth Bennet for focusing too much on Elizabeth’s personal life, her social status, and the misbehavior of her family – the trees. Had she employed proper, healthy distance from the beginning of her relationship with Elizabeth, things might have turned out differently. Maybe there’s still time. If Elizabeth marries Mr. Darcy, she will be equal to Lady Catherine if not greater. There is a chance for them to begin again as aunt and niece. I hope you enjoy!

One thought on “Can’t see the mountain for the trees

  1. Carrie, as you know I like Pride and Prejudice, there are so many life issues in this movie and book. I like your tone of voice when depicting your paper and how you have little words on your slides, so it forces the listener to focus on the presenter rather than read what is on the slide. With that I would maybe put just a little more on the slides with page numbers, so you would not have to say the title of the book, author and page number. I especially liked your questions back to the listener and the application of the situation even in a different time can be applicable to our current era.


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