Pride & Prejudice, or how a woman should live?

The 1995 BBC film Pride & Prejudice offers “equipment for living” (Burke, 1973) for women seeking to build self-confidence and the ability to stand up for their own best interests. Right, fans? We all have role models and I’d be willing to bet that for a large number of women in the United States, one of them is Miss Elizabeth Bennet. And not because you might have been assigned Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice to read in high school.

In 1996, the BBC film Pride & Prejudice aired in the United States on the A & E channel and swept the nation. Women ogled Colin Firth (Darcy) and fell in love with Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth). This production brought the book to life. Unlike other remakes, this is a period piece, and yet, Austen’s work is timeless. The masterful transcription of this book-to-film rendition offers women everywhere hope to grow in strength and to stand up for their own best interests.

Below you can view a presentation on my paper on this subject. The paper itself, which includes cited references, is also linked below. Let me know if you love Elizabeth Bennet as much as I do!

GravesCarrie_Week6_FinalPaper 061817

2 thoughts on “Pride & Prejudice, or how a woman should live?

  1. Great topic! Of course, I connect with your topic as it relates to mine 🙂 This movie was so amazing to me when I watched it. I need to watch it again soon! Elizabeth Bennet’s character is inspiring in that she won’t settle and does not beat around the bush. She knows what she does not want and will not waiver. I thought your presentation was great. I would’ve love to have heard more about what inspired you to choose the topic and how the movie made you feel. You did a wonderful job, Carrie 🙂


  2. This is my favorite movie of all times as well as the book! I watch this several times a month, rarely all in one sitting, anymore, but I absolutely loved your presentation. It thought the slides were great and fitting to the theme of dress within the movie. I would try to utilize the whole slide and strive the 5 min mark. Which is hard to do, I had to talk fast and I cut a lot out. However, overall I enjoyed this presentation!


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